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Samantha and Tom’s Wedding

Samantha and Tom’s wedding will certainly be one to be remembered. With the lockdowns going on in Melbourne we did not even know if the wedding was going to go ahead until the Wednesday before that week. I had already ordered the flowers then had to cancel the order the week before to only re […]

Alana and Alan’s surprise wedding

        Alana and Alan had planned to surprise their guest at True South by organising their engagement party. But the secret became to hard and at the last minute they decided to tell their guests that were actually getting married on the day. Not to worry we had everything organised and as […]

Bayside bridal bouqeuts at True South in Black Rock, Vic

True south is a great venue to host any function be that a wedding, birthday or corporate function. The white room and bay views is a perfect setting and can be decorated to what ever function you require.