A Spring like no other!

Who would of imagined this time last year there would be no weddings in Melbourne, Spring 2020. This certainly will be spring and a year like no other, which people will remember for a long time to come.

It has been a time to settle down, calm down and reflect on what is really important to you. Yes it is important to still get married and have all the wonderful trimmings that you deserve, have a wonderful dress, beautiful flowers (of course), ceremony of your dreams and a reception party everyone will enjoy.

Yes, you will get married and everything will be even more beautiful, because you have had to wait a little longer than others, dates and venues may have changed, but your wedding will still happen and when it dose it will be even more special because its meant to be and you have waited.

This time has given you the opportunity to discover exactly how you and your partner envisage your perfect wedding. You may decide you don’t need everything on the to do list, make it simple, less of what is expected of the perfect wedding and what you really want of your wedding.

After all this is your wedding a bond between two people in love, that’s all that matters and you have been through a lot this year and it has bought you even closer together, so this is why when you eventually get to have your wedding, you will celebrate it with the people that are most important to you and it will be amazing.

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